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Chris Edson





Hello. I am Chris.

Product manager, software engineer, strategy consultant, startup founder, musician, Oxford science graduate. Based in London.

I'm the founder of OurPath, we provide at-risk people with an online programme to help them change their lifestyle and avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes.

I was part of the founding teams of Trussle and Giglist.

I also compose and produce music!

Here's a few other links: an article I wrote about starting up your own company and an interview with me. My open source code contributions are here.


I've worked for 3 years as a strategy consultant for Monitor Group, advising companies, governments and charities to help them grow. I've also worked as an independent consultant.

Diverse experience across multiple industry areas, with a focus on applied technology, healthcare and life sciences using novel big data analysis. During my time, I managed projects and teams.

Yes, these scores are arbritrary. But damn they look pretty.


Growth Strategy


Project Management



A couple of links to some of the projects I've managed:

NHS CCG strategy toolkit via NHS England

The Rising Costs of Cancer via The Guardian

And a lot more I'm not allowed to share...


I make and manage the development of technology products. My experience and a few examples of my work are below.

I've managed several products through full lifecycle, from inception through to launch.

For front-end development web development, I have experience in a variety of JavaScript libraries, from basic jQuery to complete web application development in AngularJS. D3.js is my go-to library for any graphical work and data representation.

For back-end work, I primarily use Node.js with Express or Django - depending on the requirements of the projects. For databases, I work primarily with PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

JavaScript & Node.js

Python & Django

SQL & MongoDB

Objective-C & Swift


System Design


Talking about music is silly, so why not just have a listen. I compose and produce electronic music and film scores.

I recently produced the music for Headless Ghost, a display emulator that's currently up on Kickstarter here.

Most of my music can be found on Soundcloud here.


Email me at [email protected] As long as you're not a robot. If you find the Easter egg in the page, you have double the reason to email me.

More information is on my LinkedIn.